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Electrostatic flocking machine

Multifunction Flocking Machine

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Multifunction Flocking Machine

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SE flocking professionally produce various flocking machinery, flocking correlative machinery, printing machine, adhesive machine, drying tunnel, flocking power, flock, flocking glue, etc, and supply to you the newest flocking technology and technic.
Introducing a product as following:
TZ12-SRF mod Six Multicolor Silk Screen Flocking Machine
This model of flocking macnine can be used as four to six multicolor flocking: knitted sweater, T-shirt, enfant clothes, fashion clothes, jean trousers, standard uniform, sweater, shoes, gloves, cap, package and bag, reticule, handbag, inner of suitcase, enfant satchel, towel, table cloth, pencil, paperboard, calligraphy and painting, wall hanging, craft lantern, billboard, decoration and upholster, senior product, present packaging, etc. It can form colorful flower pattern, cartoon picture, figure painting, landscape painting, business logo, etc. It is suitable for a production of large quantity.
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